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“A successful writer is the writer who still feels that rush of possibility each time they sit down to write.”

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Some of the most powerful pictures of all time

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This is the first part of my story :D And the images on the left are the people who I imagined my main characters to be :D

comments/reactions/suggestions are greatly accepted :)




It all happened in a blur…

All I could remember is crying over Shira’s body. Shira had been my only friend. Now, I couldn’t even recognize her anymore. Her once beautiful face, now a vision of pain and sorrow. Her mask, nowhere to be seen.

I felt the anger forming inside me. I turned to look at my brethren, but all I saw was mass slaughter. It was a hopeless battle. I should’ve listened to my instincts and persuaded them that this was all a trap. I already had an insight of what might happen but I ignored it. Now look where it has got me.

My parents were fighting side by side. No enemy couldn’t have gotten close. We were the last of the pureblooded Djinns after all. We came from the main family of the Mikaels Clan. Our blood is divine. But our brothers from the branch families were not as strong as purebloods. They were powerless against the overwhelming forces of the enemy. I watched in horror as their masks were ripped from their faces before they were killed.

Everyone from our family were required to wear masks outside our home. Masks are sacred to us for they protect what’s most important to us, our identities. And now, these beasts are defiling us by stripping us of our identities!

I know I could stop this, here and now. I have kept this secret for so long, but if it’s the only way to stop this holocaust, then I concede.

I have always been an outcast, the odd man of the group. If everyone finds out this strange ability of mine, then I will never be accepted by my peers. I have kept this for so long for fear of rejection. And now, this is the only thing that can save us.

I had only done this once before, but I still remember the feeling it gave me. A cold feeling that makes me shiver to the core. I was only 12 when I first found out of this strange ability of mine.

A lifeless squirrel was in my path. It was already in a state of decomposition.

I picked it up so it won’t be anymore of an obstruction, but the moment my fingers touched it, it started to wiggle as if trying to gasp for air. I was so surprised I dropped it. I began to stomp at it with ferocious intensity so that it may go back to being dead.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stay dead. It was still moving even though it was seriously deformed and most of it’s organs are splattered on the ground.

That was when I found out that I can channel the powers of the abyss. Which was very rare for a Djinn.

Now, what I tried so hard to hide maybe our only salvation.

I let the cold feeling sink in as I tried to gain access into the abyss. Slowly, the area surrounding me began to tremble. It was unnoticeable at first, but as I concentrated further, I felt the trembling getting stronger and stronger as the doors of the abyss opened up to me.

Finally, with a blast of infernal light, I managed to open a gateway to the abyss. 

For a moment, everything was still. The fighting had stopped and all eyes were on me. From the gateway that I had summoned, all sorts of eerie noises can be heard. Growls, groans, chattering of bones. We were all enveloped in a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I guess this happens when you open the gates to the abyss.

But those were just appetizers for the real horrors were the ones that passed through the gateway. It was a nightmare come to life! The creatures were frightening beyond compare. Some were all bones. Some appeared to have been stitched from lots of corpses and some were gigantic beasts that were sickeningly hard to describe.

And all of them were waiting for my command.

"Defend the Mikaels! Destroy the Humans and the Regency!" I commanded them. My voice, a mixture of anger and sorrow.

As soon as I said the words, they immediately engaged the enemy. They may not be enough to annihilate the enemy’s forces, but they were enough to buy us time to escape.

As I was making my way out of the scene, I saw a very horrible sight. One that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

I saw Sentus Morale, the traitorous Lord-Regent of the Myths. A Fae that used to be a friend of my father but had succumbed to his lust for power. He waged war against the Mikaels Clan simply because we posed as threats to his rule. But when the war turned to favor us, he tricked us into agreeing to talk of peace. When we arrived at this place to accept his offer, we find out that this was an ambush. But the worst thing he has done was he had joined forces with the Humans, the greatest enemy of the Mythical beings.

Sentus Morale was holding a lifeless woman. Her hair and skin were the same color as mine. She was missing an arm and a sword was sticking out of her abdomen along with gunshots that grazed parts of her body.

I fell to my knees as I realized who the woman is. Sentus had killed Lyra, my only sister.

My world instantly fell into a daze. How could I have forgotten about Sentus? 

I should’ve been there with Lyra. I should’ve fought beside her.

Sentus must have sensed my grief because he looked at me with a murderous smile. And that was when I snapped.

My body felt as light as a feather as I screamed in anger.

Then everything went black.


When I gained consciousness, I was standing in a mountain of corpses. All thousands of our enemies, dead. My hands were still shaking as I observed everything around me.

There were about three hundred from my family that travelled with us to this place, but now there were only about fifty of my brethren that survived this chaos.  All of them were looking at me with nothing but fear in their eyes. Then I turned to look back to the enemy forces. None of them were left standing except for Sentus who was staring at me with the same fear that my brothers had. His soldiers were all brutally killed. Most were heavily mutilated while others looked as if they were crushed by huge boulders.

Only then did I notice my parents who both held me in a tight embrace. My mother was crying uncontrollable and my father was cursing the gods. 

"D-d-di.. Did I do this?" I barely managed to say.

Then it dawned on me that all this death, all this destruction, they were all because of me.

"You transf—ormed into a full Djinn." My father said, fighting back sobs. "You.. Killed them all.. To protect us."

"We have never seen a Djinn as powerful as you." My mother croaked, choking in her own words.

Then all the emotions came flooding back to me and I dropped to the floor in anguish.

What have I done?

How is it possible?! Where did I get this power to kill so many people. Enemy or not, I didn’t have the right to kill them all.


Now the whole world will know me.


Liev Mikaels, the one who killed thousands of men.


My brothers struggled to get me on my feet. I felt as if all my strength had left me. I couldn’t even stand up. But when I did, I was face to face with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.


She was the goddess Ethre, the Lady of the Mornings.



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Epic adventure time cosplay

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